The Adora Story


Adora is not just another real estate agency; it’s the culmination of a vision brought to life by our founder, Alex Simmons. Founded in the heart of the Gold Coast, Queensland, Adora represents a departure from the norm. We are committed to redefining the real estate experience, one innovative implementation at a time.


Founding Philosophy

The inception of Adora was driven by a fundamental belief that the real estate industry was ripe for a transformation. Alex Simmons, a seasoned professional with a keen eye for innovation, recognized the technology and service gap within the field. He refused to adhere to the traditional norms of real estate. Instead, he sought to pioneer a new era characterized by transparency, authenticity, honesty and skill. Alex is an expert in I.T, adapting to AI at rapid speeds, adopting and quickly implementing the finest modern technology available to assist towards Adora’s success. 

Our Approach

At Adora, we don’t settle for the ordinary; we aim for the extraordinary. We pride ourselves on being a dedicated. personable and knowledgeable real estate experts who place your unique needs at the forefront of our mission.

Our commitment goes beyond the conventional. We are passionately dedicated to serving every facet of the residential property market. From loving family homes, picturesque waterfront properties to versatile units, sound investments, contemporary apartments, charming duplexes, inviting houses, sprawling estates, coastline sky homes, pristine land, promising development sites and opulent mansions.  Adora provides you with a gateway to a world of possibilities.

Our Core Values

At the heart of Adora are our core values: respect, trust, and integrity. We hold these principles in the highest regard and let them guide every interaction and transaction. Our commitment to these values means that we would rather lose your business than compromise our ethics.


We're Different

Unlike agencies that rely on sales tactics and scripted approaches, Adora is committed to authenticity. We don’t change our tune after the contract is signed and the advertising dollars are spent. Instead, we provide unwavering support, understanding your unique circumstances, and crafting solid marketing plans to help you achieve your desired outcome.


Marketing Excellence

Our marketing prowess is unparalleled. We specialize in crafting crisp, modern, and compelling marketing strategies that elevate your property above the rest. As specialists in advertisements and buyer strategies, our attention to detail is second to none. Being a boutique agency allows us to dedicate more time, care, and attention to every facet of your property journey.


Your Trusted Partner

At Adora, we are not just your real estate agency; we are your trusted partner. Our commitment is to guide you through every step of your real estate journey on the Gold Coast. When you choose Adora, you are choosing experts who are passionate about helping you achieve your property dreams.


Explore Our Difference

Explore the difference that Adora can make in your real estate experience. Join us on the journey to excellence, transparency, and success in the Gold Coast real estate market.

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